Working with my dad at a field station (guest post)


DSC04136This is a guest post by Bruce McGlynn, my 9-year-old kid who came with me to Costa Rica for a couple weeks while I was conducting fieldwork and supervising students.

The first (and earliest) reason that I came to the rainforest is because my dad was telling me how I would be going to Costa Rica in three years. So I said, “Why are you planning so far ahead?”  Well, I found my answer. Three years from then is now. And I’m in Costa Rica at this moment. The second reason is that it’s awesome. You can’t get around that.

Next, I planned some plans and the planned plans were planned to be planned out here. Or I planned it to be. 1. Ocelot (not yet) 2. Photos. 3. Peccaries!!!! (check) Yes, I love peccaries. They don’t have tails! Doesn’t that blow your mind?

The thing repeated most often to me is “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far?” The answer is everything. Not everything I have pictures of were good, so I’m not showing those.

There was a sloth hanging off of a bridge. There were flies and moths hovering around him. There also was a troop of howler monkeys eating leaves. They had four toddler howler monkeys, just able to climb by themselves. It was very cute.

Here’s the pictures I took.







10 thoughts on “Working with my dad at a field station (guest post)

  1. It sounds like you’re having a great time. Great photos! I’m glad you guys got to go down and work together this summer.

  2. Great post, Bruce – I hope you blog again, and tell us about the research you are doing with your Dad!

    Don’t forget to watch out for amazing spiders.

  3. Sounds like a great adventure, stuck here in chilly Wales I’m very jealous of all the amazing things you’re getting to see!

  4. Great photos! Sounds like a fun time.

  5. This is cool–and very well written, Bruce! You can’t get around how awesome good writing is.

  6. Thanks for writing this post! My dad did field work with me for two years, and I loved it. Your pictures are great!

  7. Very cool! I like Bob! But I really like the reptiles and the personable-looking peccary!

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