Job seeking

This is a list of posts from this site designed to advise and inform those who are applying for positions at teaching-centered institutions.

What kind of faculty job do you want?

Teaching universities as the farm league (if you’re thinking of taking a job at an institution mostly with the hope or thought of leaving for somewhere else later on)

It’s not easier, just different (also on the same topic, Teaching is for people who have imposter syndrome?)

How to figure out if you want to work at a teaching university (be sure to read the comments)

The cover letter

The research statement

The teaching philosophy (which is different than a teaching statement)

Letters of recommendation: teaching observations

Identifying opportunities for serious research

Interpreting research culture during an interview (does a particular campus really support faculty research?)

Startup (what things you might ask for)

What it takes to get tenure: ambiguity of the teaching criterion

On the ethics of juggling job offers

Over on Dynamic Ecology: A big summary of how the search process works

4 thoughts on “Job seeking

  1. This is great information and I need your support. I am starting over and any advice or assistance you can provide would be helpful.
    Thanks so much.

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