I’m moving. To Science for Everyone!


I’m making a big change. I just moved over my new site.

Henceforth, you can find me at Science for Everyone. The tagline is “Science needs everyone, and everyone needs science.” I believe that’s an accurate distillation of what my work here on Small Pond Science has always been about, and I’m taking that ethos with me to my new site.

Please come over and join me! Subscribe for free using the button below. I have no plans to continue posting via Small Pond Science. (If you already get free email subscription to this site, then I’ve just transferred it over, so check your inbox.)

What can you expect at Science For Everyone? Pretty much the same as here, though I am planning to keep to a more regular schedule. Everything will continue to be free and available to the public, with no paywalls. (One change is that I’m giving folks the option to pay for a subscription, as many of you have asked over the years about how to contribute, so I am now providing that option.)

I would like to take a moment to reflect on what has happened here. Thank you all for reading, for sharing with others, and for reflecting on how we do science and work to improve our community. Not a single post here has gone viral, as I’ve avoided clickbait, but nonetheless we’ve had had a few million pageviews. I’m not sure what that means but I periodically get some qualitative feedback. I’ve talked with a variety of professors who told me they started reading here early in grad school, and how they’ve appreciated my the support here, and I’ve heard from a variety of people in charge of stuff that policies, procedures, and practices have been changed because of what they’ve read here. And folks new to teaching wouldn’t have had my introductory book without this site, and it’s nice to see how this has been adopted by various departments and colleges to give to incoming grad students.

So why am I moving? It’s driven by the fracturing media landscape. The internet is very different than when I created this site in 2013. WordPress was widely used, but in the past decade blogs have become passé, and we’ve started calling them newsletters. The bottom line is that lots of people find public writing on substack. While my work here has built ample cred among among scientists and others in academialand, there’s a ceiling to that credibility as long as I’m writing on my own personal blog. It’s clear that blogging newsletter-writing is becoming even more relevant and impactful as ever, and that’s why I’m sticking with this. I think it’s funny that when I started out, experienced bloggers advised me that the heyday of science blogs was long over. Yes, the days of google reader are gone and twitter has been reduced to a toy of a petulant man-child. It just makes sense for me to evolve over to substack, and the new name of the site I think puts a pin in the broader emphasis of what I’ve been doing for a good long while. If you just direct your browsers to my new site, it’ll basically be the same, but actually I think a little better.

Please note that Drs. Amy Parachnowitsch and Catherine Scott are still editors of this site, and they may well choose to post here. And maybe I will at some point, though it’s not in my plans. The archive sees a fair bit of traffic and I’m going to keep the site active so it’s still findable.

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