Educating the ignorant masses, Eli Broad style

The exterior of The Broad.

The exterior of The Broad.

Los Angeles has a brand new huge art museum, The Broad. I had a chance to visit it a week after it opened.

Unlike most contemporary art museums, The Broad is designed to house and display one person’s collection. Eli Broad (rhymes with toad or goad) is a fantastically wealthy person who is a major collector of contemporary art. ¬†After supporting some other museums in town, he decided to go it alone and build his own building for his own stuff. It’s right across the street from Museum of Contemporary Art, right next to the rippled Gehry structure that houses the LA Phil. In LA, at the moment, it’a a big frickin’ deal.

The Broad is, above all else, a jewelry box designed to hold items of great financial value. What else is The Broad? Continue reading