Announcing EEB Mentor Match 2018


There are a lot of students who are enrolled in institutions that lack the resources to provide the mentorship that they need. And, there are so many PhD students and postdocs who would be interested in gaining more experience mentoring undergrads who would benefit from the experience. How about we put them together?

Last year, Meg Duffy and I ran a pilot version of #EEBMentorMatch, to do just that. Based on our successes last year, we are expanding the scope further. Here’s the link to the full description of the program.

If you’re a student from an underrepresented group, and you’d like support in applying for a graduate fellowship, we’d like to pair you up with a more experienced junior scientist who is prepared to help you. You can have conversations by phone, text, email, skype, facetime, zoom, whatever. Send drafts back and forth, or work in a google doc. It’s up to you.

What do we mean by ‘underrepresented group?’ We construe this broadly, and if you think you are, then you probably are. So if you’d like to go to grad school in ecology, evolutionary biology, behavior, natural resources, conservation, marine biology, and such, then please do sign up and we’ll pair you up with a mentor who has chosen to volunteer to give you a hand.

The full details of EEB Mentor Match, and how to sign up, are over in Meg’s post at Dynamic Ecology.