Friday recommended reads #19

  • The journal PLOS ONE is now requiring public access to raw datasets for all of the papers they publish. Not everyone is pleased. There are some really interesting points in this post, and some contentious comments that you might want to avoid.
For links, thanks to Pete Rorabaugh and Rob Dunn.

One thought on “Friday recommended reads #19

  1. I like Roger Whitson’s actual point, but I don’t like the article on LBJ and Obama that he uses as a jumping off point, and think that it misunderstands history and how US political institutions work.. I have a whole lot of criticisms of Obama, but “He didn’t magically change Congress and the political context around him” is not one of them. See lots of things written by Scott Lemieux for more, includng this and this.

    I support the idea of making data public, but the policy is a little confusing – do you need raw data? is transformed data okay? what formats of data are okay? – and DM’s points about methods and replication seem on point. I guess I could see a cost concern for people with really computationally large datasets. I don’t really understand his aversion to making any files public at all.

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