Top 10 Small Pond Science posts of 2015


Small Pond Science had a good year. Most readers have joined within the last year, so let’s recap with the Top Ten Posts of 2015:

10. Educating the ignorant masses, Eli Broad style

9. Authorship when the first author is the senior author

8. Will work for food: How volunteer “opportunities” exploit early-career scientists

7. Taxonomist Appreciation Day is Thursday!

6. When K-12 teachers assign students to contact experts

5. Why I avoid lecturing

4. What ever happened to “major and minor revisions?”

3. I’m going to stop ignoring ResearchGate

2. A conversation that can help protect your students

1. NSF Graduate Fellowships are a part of the problem

Most of my favorites from the year are missing from this list, these are the ones that were viewed the most. For example, the post pointing out inequities in graduate fellowships was number one, but the post that discussed what to do about the problem was nowhere near close to the top ten.

Best wishes for a great 2016!

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