Taxonomist Appreciation Day is coming up


pun by by @phishdoc, illlustration by @verdanteleanor.

It’s been hard to wait a whole year, I know! Taxonomist Appreciation Day is coming up, on 19 March!

I imagine museums, science departments, and libraries will have costume shows, trivia, art competitions, and potluck taxonomic salad festivals. Meanwhile, the talented scientific artists of BuzzHootRoar are running their annual taxonomy pun contest!

Here are their instructions:

1. Tweet [them] your best taxonomy-related pun by Friday, March 10. Their twitter account is @BuzzHootRoar.

2. Celebrity judges will select five favorites.

3. Winners will receive: their puns illustrated on Buzz Hoot Roar’s blog, a set of printed greeting cards to share with the taxonomists in their lives, and a BHR super-soft T-shirt.

Were you unaware of Taxonomist Appreciation Day? Well, now you know. Thank goodness the folks who are building and repairing the foundation of our work are getting the attention and respect they deserve!

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  1. I never knew this was a thing. No idea. I saw your title on my discover page and wanted to hear more about it. I recently went to the Smithsonian Natural History museum and the life-sized fur covered animals on exhibit made me for the first time grateful and more appreciative of what these folks do for all of us. Thanks

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