Small Pond Science’s Greatest Hits of 2017


Happy Christmas! I hope you’re having a pleasant break.

This is the 90th post of 2017. It’s been a horrible year for scientists and academics based out of the US, and for democracy in general. But Small Pond Science continues to grow. Here’s a look at the Top 5 posts of 2017. And also 5 more posts that we’re proud of, that didn’t make it into the Top 5.

Most popular Small Pond posts of 2017

#5 Not waiting for the dinosaurs to retire

#4 I am complicit (about the March for Science)

#3 What’s up with preprints?

#2 What are the top 100 must-read papers in ecology?

#1 Lessons from serving on NSF panels

Great Small Pond posts you may have missed

Keeping data readable in the long run

The writing curse of negative data

Should scientists write Wikipedia pages for their study species?

The deficit model of STEM recruitment

Handling bad reviews

Things’ll be slow over the next couple weeks, as I’m making a point to spend time with family and away from some work obligations. See you next year.