Recommended reads #127


This article about getting things done in large organizations is so, so, so good.

Modest advice for new graduate students

Are ‘learning styles’ real? and here’s another story saying the same thing.

Activities that promote awareness of what is and isn’t cheating

Are women and ethnic minority academics held to different standards for tenure? At USC, apparently so. Here is the original report. The facts are outrageous.

The invisible labor of minority professors

Here are some details of the Nazi plan to commander university budgets through student government. Is your campus on their list of targets?

The need for academic empathy

As a parent, I was intrigued to learn how lice infestations occur.

NPR runs a nice story on the value of museum collections.

So, you want to be an ally?

Molly Ringwald’s essay on The Breakfast Club is worth your time.

After a coordinated assault against the free speech of a faculty member at Fresno State, the university makes a tactical blunder and holds a press conference, further amplifying the outrage of critics who wish to limit the speech of faculty. Then the university president made it even bigger news by discussing it on a talk radio show.

Someone out there is maintaining a growing list of news stories about sexual misconduct in academia. It’s a big list. And also represents a tiny tiny fraction of the violations that occur every day.

5 things we learned about creating a successful workplace diversity program.

On Wednesday, I was a little surprised to see a post on the official TED blog featuring thoughts from several TED fellows, with cogent critique of specious reasoning in Steven Pinker’s latest book (who also is affiliated with TED). Then, on Thursday, poof that link redirects to something else. I wonder why they removed the content. Was it under duress from Pinker himself, or anybody else? This is poor form. Fortunately, the original was preserved on the Internet Archive. You can decide why TED quietly removed this from their site.

The first psychologist ever wins the NSF Waterman award, to a recipient who is clearly worthy of the honor. (And NSF fortunately breaks its long-running streak of awarding this prize to men.)

I still haven’t picked up Zadie Smith’s new set of essays, but after previously linking to a glowing review, I feel obligated to link to this one, which pretty much asks, “Why is it that white liberals like Zadie Smith essays so much?”

4 ideas for avoiding faculty burnout

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