Recommended reads #130


This is a spectacular and moving essay: Our Houses Became Boats: Surviving Hurricane Maria and salvaging my career in its aftermath

Why academe should honor prickly women.

Harini Nagendra has a great piece in Nature about how we need to change our approach to teaching sustainability.

When I’ve argued for double blind review in the past, one response I’ve always gotten is that “You can just tell who they are anyway” — though this is never backed up with data. Well, some data are in. And it turns out double-blind is way more effective at anonymizing people than you might suspect.

Most professors think they’re above-average teachers. And that’s a problem.

Should climate scientists cut back on flying? I’ve heard a lot of answer to this question, and agree with many of them (even as they contradict with one another), but I think this answer is, by far, the tops.

AGU rescinds an honor because of misconduct. The National Academy might want to follow their example.

Just out in Science Magazine: Will U.S. academies expel sexual harassers?

This Professor Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Years. Then An Anonymous Online Letter Did What Whispers Couldn’t

You know when you’re a kid how you get screwed over because your last name is at the end of the alphabet? It happens to Econ professors, too.

Want to Retain Faculty of Color? Support Them as Faculty of Color

Why I walked away from my PhD program

Is America headed for a new kind of civil war? (This is more historical and academic than the title might suggest.)

Here is a superb example of effective outreach, in the form of a book review.

Have a great weekend. And if you’re headed to La Selva this weekend, I’ll see you soon. (Most of you aren’t, but if you are, be sure to say hi!) By the way, in a couple weeks, I’m heading out on genuine vacation. Three weeks of just not working. I’ll have a couple posts here scheduled, but things will definitely be slowing down on Small Pond for the summer. Your kids are only kids for a short period of time, after all.