Recommended reads #131


This week, the National Academy of Sciences released a report on gender harassment and sexual misconduct in our profession. There are a number of findings that might surprise you. Here are selected reads related to this report.

Does your institution foster a culture of sexual harassment? This is a great piece.

From Science

From Nature

and from the New York Times:

Here’s a petition, signed by hundreds of people from CalTech, asking the university to fix its Title IX office.

Unintended consequences of signing peer reviews

Tenure, She Wrote has a new post!

Imagining a better boyhood

According to this story, the Stanford Prison Experiment was a sham. The “prisoners” had entirely different motivations, they say.

Here, folks finally get frank about how how bad Klinsmann was: The Inside Story of How the USMNT Missed the 2018 World Cup

When the punishment feels like a crime — this is a penetrating in-depth look at the sentencing of Stanford rapist Brock Turner.

Here’s an R package that will develop a color palette based on an image, for example, a photo of the organisms you’re studying.

Here’s a nice feel-good story if you do collections-based research.

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