Recommended reads #132


How do you pick a journal to submit to?

A list of completely neutral, race-blind college admissions questions

a WYSIWYG add-on to make ggplot more simple and easy

A good argument for external peer review of teaching

From extraordinary author Tim Winton: “It is men who need to step up and liberate boys from the race, the game, the fight.”

An investigation at UC Irvine found that Francisco Ayala is a serial harasser. Thank you to the scientists who stuck their neck waaaay out and put in the hard work to make UCI a safer place.

Inside the campaign to strip STEM honors from men who harass or assault women

That professor rating site with the chili peppers has gotten rid of the chili peppers

An assistant professor in the University of Arizona’s college of public health parted ways with the school last week, after an internal investigation found that he sexually harassed a student last fall.”

And that’s it. Hey, I was on vacation! Have a great weekend.