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Recommended reads #135


Strategies for mentoring undergraduate researchers

To the heroes of Brazil’s National Museum

I trust that my student’s grandparent died

Alternatives to Resting Bitch Face

Why were there so many serial killers in the 1980s?

Why you’re a bad teacher

In defense of our college’s mascot, Sir Racist Von Genocide.

Dame Bell Burnell was overtly snubbed for the 1974 Nobel Prize, when collaborating men got the award but she did not. She just received a $3 million Breakthrough prize, and is donating it to promote inclusion of women, underrepresented ethnic minorities, and refugees in the field of physics.

Faculty affairs, in general, is a mess

“What is going on in this graph?” as a teaching tool

What LGBTQ+ folk in STEM want to communicate to straight colleagues

College vs. paycheck

Some colleges are tracking market forces and cutting tuition

More alternatives to Resting Bitch Face

Five principles of holistic science communication

If you’re teaching statistics or data management or something related, this paper on Data Organization in Spreadsheets is spectacular. Or just to share with new-ish research students. Or everybody.

I, an admitted abuser of women, have decided that I have atoned enough

Read more science

Are we in a trade war?

Here’s a slick interactive to share on facebook for the sake of climate dismissers: How much hotter is your hometown now compared to when you were born?

The former head of the CDC was arrested for a litany of charges related to sexual misconduct

There is no such thing as a computational person

NPR runs a story explaining how college students aren’t who “you” think they are.

Poster sessions are not singles bars

“We present a look at what it is like to be a professor at a small college: one professor at Grinnell College, one at Oberlin College, and one at Whitman College.”

Does your campus have a graduate student welfare committee?

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s laboratory dataset includes chemical incidents that occurred in public and private laboratories from January 2001 through July 2018.” Interesting browsing.

A teacher and a TA resource manual

Even more alternatives to Resting Bitch Face


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