Recommended reads #138


I have traveled here from the present to warn you about global warming!

A good guideline for writing reviews.

Surprise, surprise – a study looking at tenure and promotion criteria didn’t find that there’s much value placed in community engagement.

The FDA just gave a $20,000,000 research grant to a PI who shouldn’t be supervising students.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which pays off some college debt for people who go into public service, is being unofficially dismantled by our government, as they’re now rejecting 99% of applications, on the basis of technicalities.

The problem of camera trap theft from field sites is a failure of the marketplace.

Is the latest paper on insect declines from El Yunque forest in Puerto Rico a big deal?Yes. Does it indicate a bigger problem we have? That fits in with what I know . How does this fit into the big picture? Here’s some context.

Amy Harmon has written a superb article about the messiness of scientists discussing human genetics with the broader public.

Before we condemn lectures, or say lectures are just fine — what the heck do people mean when they say “lecture?”

This “Survey of American Fears” says that 75% of US people are afraid or very afraid of corruption of government officials? More than any other fear? If that’s the case, then, um, I guess those people are not voting?

We are building the most inclusive, exclusive colleges in America!

“Study 2 utilized an experimental design using a fictitious female or male professor, with college student participants (n = 121) responding to a scenario in which a special favor request might be made of the professor. The results indicated that academically entitled students (i.e., those who feel deserving of success in college regardless of effort/performance) had stronger expectations that a female (versus male) professor would grant their special favor requests. Those expectations consequently increased students’ likelihood of making the requests and of exhibiting negative emotional and behavioral reactions to having those requests denied. This work highlights the extra burdens felt by female professors.”

A wonderful interview with Barbara Kingsolver

Ten ways to accelerate progress against climate change

How some colleges are supporting faculty to identify students who are having trouble and helping them get support and back on track.

“You buy a purse at Walmart. There’s a note inside from a “Chinese prisoner.” Now what?”

The 2018 Comedy Wildlife Award finalists

On leaving home

Trees make people happy.

Among things that I’ve read lately is The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton. I thought it was mighty fine. And this also gives me an opportunity to re-share with you this podcast of Winton reading an excerpt of the book, and about toxic masculinity more generally, which is valuable stuff. This biography + news story about the related speaking tour puts that in context.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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