Recommended reads #144


To groom better scientists, harness the power of narrative.

Applying for faculty jobs and don’t know what an institution means when they’re asking for you to “demonstrate interest and ability to advance diversity, equity and inclusion?” Apparently enough people asked UC Berkeley, so they decided to spell it out.

Many Master’s programs in biology charge do not offer tuition waivers. But some do, and many of those have stipends has well. Here’s a google sheet of funded Master’s programs in biology, that has plenty of entries but needs to get bigger. If you know of one, please add it!

Graduate program completion “changed by less than 10% for U.S. physics major test takers scoring in the 10th versus 90th percentile on the [GRE] Quantitative test.

How to inoculate against anti-vaxxers

Stop obsessing with how personally green you live – and start collectively taking on corporate power

Let’s talk about lab safety

More than 650 foreign language programs have shut down over the past three years in US universities. The only ones to increase were ASL, Hebrew, and Korean.

The first 12 months as an editor

This nuanced explanation of the relationship between mobile phones and mental health is a must-read.

Have a great weekend. North Americans, stay safe and warm. Angelenos, stay dry. Aussies, keep cool.

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