Recommended reads #148


How to make your teaching more engaging

Making the study of history relevant

The poet who planted trees

Why the answer to our kids, “life isn’t fair,” isn’t the right answer

Professors don’t change teaching because of departmental culture

The latest missive about making less to-do about p-values.

Why we procrastinate

We need a bigger discussion about bullying in academia

It was just a kayak trip, until it upended our lives

The funniest license plate rejections by the California DMV

A [hilarious] statement [not] from the University of Pennsylvania regarding the college admissions bribery scandal

Practical suggestions about how to tell science as a story [pdf]

Some rare frank talk from an admissions counselor at a highly selective SLAC about “need sensitivity” and admissions decisions: “This may come as a big surprise to you, but it’s not really a big secret. Most schools do this, although, like those of us at Oberlin, most college reps will avoid talking about it like the plague. But we know.”

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