Recommended reads #149


Does homework work?

Nipsey Hussle had a vision for South L.A. It all started with a trip to Eritrea.

Grading Dilemma: Should We Round Up?

The death of an adjunct

A guide to organizing inclusive scientific meetings

Selling Miami’s last 50 years

A student tells a story about how active learning didn’t work for them, because the instructor wasn’t trained in classroom management

A guy attains tenure and openly reckons with the reality that he’s always had All The Privilege, and decides that he needs to give back, and do right by other people, and fix inequities by… [checks notes]… doing open science? Way to think big. “I Got Tenure, But Science is Still Broken

Academics can change the world – if they stop talking only to their peers

This semester, all my students—documented disability or not—will get 24 hours and a take-home exam. Because I’d rather give all my students ample time and ample space than make one student struggle without the accommodations she deserves.”

A predatory publisher of pseudojournals, Omics, just had a $50 million judgement against them from the Federal Trade Commission.

Did you know that helium is bad for your phone?

“‘U.S.C. tries to paint the campus as this beautiful place to enjoy and relish in abundance,’ said Oliver Bentley, a sophomore who is among the first in his family to attend college. ‘There’s this idea that once you enter U.S.C., you’re all on the same playing field. That in and of itself is a lie. I have met these rich kids who have so much that I can’t comprehend, doing things that I can’t fathom.'”

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