Recommended reads #154


53 essential tech-bro terms explained (It’s like the Devil’s Dictionary)

Computer-based and bench-based research [in course-based research projects] produce similar attitudinal outcomes

In ecology and zoology, the number of women authors on papers with male senior authors is shockingly low. I mean, yeah, you’d expect an effect of gender, but, I mean, wow, this is worse than I would have imagined:


Figure from Salerno et al. 2019, comparing proportion of women authors in papers with male or female senior authors

Pay the USWNT a bounty

Cameroon doesn’t have to answer for getting upset

Why reporters don’t let scientists review their stories (If you’re one of the scientists who think that it’s proper for them to request sign-off authority on a piece you were interviewed for, this one is for you.)

We don’t trust course evaluations, but are peer observations better?

Pioneering biologist Anne Innis Dagg gets her due [well, not nearly her due at all]

Nick Cave has some thoughts about separating the good art from the bad human being (in this case, Morrissey)

Feeding tube awareness (I was really uninformed about this, so it’s good to know what some others are experiencing. And the rest of Bendy Biologist blog is worth keeping an eye on!)

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane 

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