Recommended reads #155


It’s never going to be perfect, so just get it done.

Stats on tenure-track hires in Ecology and Evolution, in which Dr. Fox combs though a lot of CVs.

Yet another piece of research showing that “learning styles” is not a thing.

Why teaching intro bio leads makes me think we need to radically change qualifying exams

Terms like ‘basal’, ‘early-diverging’, and ‘first-branching’ reflect persistent misconceptions about evolution and phylogenies.

A very nice interview with Adriana Briscoe in The Conversation.

Rolling Stone released a Fishing With John-esque web series, that looks like some overt mockery of the awesome new Birds of New York series:

The distinct burden of being a climate scientist [highlighted read]

The history of University of California tuition, since 1868. (Free college in the US isn’t a novelty, folks.)

Terry Gross interviews Lizzo.

Making invisible work in STEM more visible

Predicting a global insect apocalypse

I’m 20. I have 32 half siblings. [highlighted read]

There’s a plan to eradicate rats on an island off the coast of San Francisco. Which some folks don’t like because they say they’re not being careful enough with the rat poison. 

Boy scouts in a war zone. [highlighted read]

Amazon and Google are providing funds to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an organization that promotes climate denial.

Universities show their true colors in court.

Excluding scientist survivors from the NASEM Action Collaborative is a step backward in changing culture to prevent sexual harassment.

The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim. (As an aside, I thought I’d add that when I moved back to LA 12 years ago, one clear element in my decision making about buying a house was the prospect of sea level rise. I wanted to choose a location that would experience minimal indirect impacts of sea level rise, and other aspects of climate change. I realize that not many folks can afford the latitude to think ahead in this way. Since home equity is essentially a part of retirement planning, though, I wonder how much people think about this stuff when they’re buying a house.)

Your professional decline might be sooner than you think.

So I think I’m going to single out a few stories and list them as [highlighed reads] now. Just so you know I think it’s particularly a good read.

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