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Recommended reads #172


Who’s laughing now, assholes?” A letter from Henry David Thoreau.

What do final exams mean in a pandemic? [highlighted read]

Meat the man behind the thoughtful Steak-umm twitter account.

Bob May, who made so many lasting contributions to the field of ecology, died a few days ago. Here’s a very nice memorial from the Santa Fe Institute.

Why the coronavirus is so confusing [highlighted read]

The case for a virtual Fall 2020 and probably Spring 2021

What if colleges don’t reopen until 2021?

The Chronicle of Higher Ed is maintaining a list of institutions that have announced plans for the Fall. (Even if these plans are vague, which is really the only reasonable option at this point, I think.)

There’s really only one way to reopen the economy.

Angela Merkel’s scientific background pays off for Germany

My restaurant was my life for the past 20 years. Does the world need it anymore? [highlighted read]

When SARS ended

I’ve been waiting for quite a while for this group at iDiv in Germany to publish this huge meta-analysis about insect decline. The short take is that yes, terrestrial insects are declining in general, though the drivers don’t appear to be global. I am curious who is picking up the dataset might approach it differently? I’m particularly interested in the role of industrialized agriculture, and I wonder what kinds of data found can be used to leverage this dataset to get at that?

I hope you have a safe and rejuvenating weekend.

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