Recommended reads #173


Teacher evaluation form for Spring 2020, from McSweeney’s

This is a very handy and straightforward resource to help you create an accessible online course.

Asking little kids to “do science” is substantially more impactful than asking them to “be scientists.” Just in case you wondered whether words matter, and whether subtle differences can have a big impact.

How important are field courses in narrowing equity gaps in ecology and evolutionary biology majors? There are some substantial data here.[highlighted read]

When grant panels are held virtually, what characteristics of grant reviewers are important?

Should college freshmen take a gap year? An op-ed from the president of a university desperately trying to maintain its enrollment says: “no, they shouldn’t.” (I am mostly jesting, she has some really good points.)

Fuck the bread. The bread is over. [highlighted read] This is well-tread ground in higher ed, so it’s refreshing that to find such a compelling piece of work in this genre.

Democrats will unify under a ‘Climate President’

The pandemic is time to resurrect the public university

Five myths about remote teaching in the COVID crisis

In another episode of emergency online teaching gone awry, a math department at a Canadian university actually told all of their students to buy webcams and mount them to their shoulders while taking their exams. Wowza.

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