Recommended reads #184


Prehistoric rock art discovered in Colombia hailed as ‘Sistine Chapel of the ancients’

The cumulative probability of getting NIH grants [highlighted read]

The pandemic is forcing some men to realize they need deeper friendships.

Ungrading: why rating students undermines learning, and what to do instead (indiebound|amazon). I just got this edited volume this week and have been tearing through it. It’s pretty fascinating. I’ve long complained that grades are typically a measure of academic savvy rather than learning, and thought that alternative approaches like contract grading or standards-based grading can be better than typical approaches. And here’s a whole book that explains this issue so well, and provides some realistic food for thought about how we can ungrade our classes in a meaningful way that can probably work in your institutional context. [highlighted read]

An Oral History of the Folgers Incest Ad

Teaching should be political: how to talk about race in the classroom

A Year of Books, this link is 7 in a continuing a series by Stephen Heard.

[Meanwhile, most of the non-academic reading I’ve been getting done is another ‘circumnavigation’ of the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey/Maturin series, which I’m halfway through, which I’ve returned to for comfort in the pandemic, and also this go round with a careful read, accompanied it with a few reference books to make sure that I catch the details of the history, natural history, nautical terms, and can keep track of the minor characters.]

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