Recommended reads #195


These recommended reads are all about reviews.

A review of an essay: The problem with rigor. “The rhetoric of rigor turns pedagogy into pathology.”

A review of a tv show: the chair is peak jeans in church culture – I think there is something for absolutely everybody in Brandon Taylor’s review even if you are one of the academic who have yet to watch The Chair. I thought it was insightful about the what TV is and what TV isn’t.

A review of a book: How not to talk to a science denier.

A review (the other kind of review) of Long COVID.

A review of the geographic distribution of GBIF records: “Sampling biases shape our view of the natural world

and lastly a historical review of the ethnocentric origins of the myth of learning styles, which I had absolutely no idea about and this is something that I wish I knew many years ago. Here’s a link to the journal article but here’s one you can read.

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  1. The “Book” and” Small Pond Science” blog have been most interesting. I am developing a single course titled “ Medical Entomology and Parasitology “ for a LAs small university. I TA these subjects several decades ago but have endeavored to keep up with the literature thru the years. I think these life science subjects can be done with a STEM emphasis. These subjects are not antiquated.

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