Startup funding opportunity for new PUI faculty in Biology


This is just a drive-by post to let you know that NSF-Biology just launched a new opportunity to provide start-up funds for new faculty working in Primarily Undergraduate Institutions and Minority-Serving Institutions.

This is the link to that program.

For this program, “new” faculty means within your first three years of a tenure-track position. If you’re at an MSI that is not a PUI, then it needs to be not a very high research intensive institution (Non-PUI MSIs with Carnegie Classifications R2, D/PU, and M1-3 are just fine. For example, UC Irvine is an MSI, but it’s also an R1, so new PIs there don’t qualify. But that’s okay, because I can imagine the startup available to new PIs at UCI get for startup.)

Even more good news – the project description is only 6 pages! And the budgetary max is $450,000, plus $50,000 for equipment. So this program isn’t for a big expensive machine, it’s for all the other expenses to get your lab launched.

The first submission window is January, 2022.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact the folks who run the program. They’re accessible, friendly, informative, and it’s literally their job to discuss this program with you. I have no affiliation with this program whatsoever, and hadn’t even heard about it until a few days ago. I just want you to know about it. The NSF Biology Directorate is working hard to meet the needs of our community and I love that they’re so responsive to meeting new challenges.

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