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Recommended reads #197


It’s 50/50

Ten simple rules for choosing a PhD supervisor

A profession is not a personality

How to say no after saying yes

There’s no convincing evidence that homework in these early years helps kids learn. Paradoxically, too, it may worsen inequalities, because teachers tend to more harshly punish less privileged students who fail to do their homework compared with more privileged students who fail to do their homework.

A romance like none other

This silly University of Austin situation is so hilarious because they’re managed to replicate the exact same rhetoric of the institutions that they’re railing against. This article sums it up so well and has far more insights about what’s going on. I’d also just like to say that these folks who have been criticizing the whole institution of higher ed have essentially admitted defeat by telling us, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Why the US Navy manages its own private forest

We draw upon a series of case studies to argue that wilderness is an inappropriate and dehumanizing construct

Thousands of scientific studies had to toss out weeks of data because of a 56-second TikTok video

An inside view of a lab that is a fraudulent paper mill

Who are we? Highlighting Nuances in Asian American Experiences in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – this is a really important read for all of us in EEB.

A Socio-ecological Imperative for Broadening Participation in Coastal and Estuarine Research and Management

Another piece of academic quit lit that is a good read

A comprehensive and appalling story of passing the trash – in this case, entomologist Daniel Howard.

When the senior editor is a man, he’s far more likely to assign a manuscript to a reviewing editor who is a man – this is a preprint.

The problem with brOpen Science

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