Recommended reads #205


A couple more research articles showing how teaching valuations are sexist. And the interaction effect with age is quite something. If you’re involved in teaching evaluations in any way, this is important to know about.

book: The Guidebook for the Engaged University

“Do I really want to be a professor?”

What a frog pandemic tells us about humans

It’s not too late to bid on items from Joan Didion’s estate

book: Women in Field Biology

How can we teach environmental and conservation biology without fostering environmental doom?

ProPublica usually seems to very solid for journalism in the public interest, so what the heck were they doing with the dangerous “lab leak” silliness? Then again, these folks suckered in Jon Stewart, too.

From the pages of Nature: “Prestige risks homogenizing and hampering academia

More from Nature: The geoscientist fighting for universities to confront systemic racism

From the National Academies: Exploring sanctions and early interventions for faculty sexual harassment in higher education

What was twitter?

Preprint: How well-intentioned white male physicists maintain ignorance of inequity and justify inaction. This is quite a read, because it really does spell out, ever so clearly, how it is that people who are progressive-minded, and say explicitly that they are all for change, are also standing in the way of changing happening.

related: Do intro courses disproportionally drive minoritized students out of STEM? (and who might be preventing the necessary changes from happening?)

“Jaywalking” has been decriminalized in California.

The most public faces of atheism tend not to represent atheists at large.”

Template for white people outrages over Lizzo playing James Madison’s flute. Yeah, this was several weeks ago. But it’s still rich.

The tyranny of circular expectations (of hard-to-read scientific prose)

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