Friday recommended reads #24


Little Free Library Charter #12221, photo by T. McGlynn


For a link, thanks to Bug Gwen.

4 thoughts on “Friday recommended reads #24

  1. I’m a little troubled by the “passion” aspect of the “Should I be a bio major” piece. It comes pretty close to Do What You Love ideology, which has some classist aspects to it.

    • That is a really great piece Lirael. Thanks for suggesting it. I recommend that everyone read it. It touches a bit on the academic job search as well.

      I really do struggle with how to advise students when they ask me some version of this question. Of course, I am a bit biased as I wonder, after many failed job searches, whether the path I have chose out of love is really the best one to have travelled.

      • In my observations, I’ve found little correspondence between academic major in college and a person’s career path. If we treat the Bachelor as vocational training, then this idea would be classist. More detailed thoughts forthcoming.

        • I agree that we shouldn’t treat a BS or BA as vocational training. I am being a bit myopic and egoistic. My mind was more on grad school I think (I realize that is not what the piece was about). Nonetheless, I think the piece that Lirael links to is a worthwhile read.

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