Recommended reads #128


(image: first Matilija poppy of the season)

Early luck in grant funding has massive long-term effects on future funding (and here’s the original paper)

Are fieldwork studies being relegated to second place in conservation science?

This is shameful to the extreme: How the University of Minnesota hides its professors’ sexual harassment

The editor of a prestigious political science journal uses its website to deny harassment allegations against him

Kate Clancy wrote an epic piece in National Geographic about sexual harassers in STEM.

The very long history of sexual harassment by National Academy member Inder Verma is now out. And when the National Academy met this week, his malfeasance was not addressed. Along with Jessel, there are now two members who must be removed from the National Academy.

Did you hear that people made it to the Philippines at least 709,000 years ago?

The earth sciences are white AF and No progress on diversity in 40 years

The Circles of Life

4 tips to increase diversity in STEM

Ending SAT and ACT requirements results in more applications and more diversity, without any decline in graduation rates.

When the Koch brothers endowed a faculty position at George Mason University, they have a say in who gets hired and they can ask the university to fire them too. This is how a university sells its soul for money.

How to develop metacognitive skills students, and why this is so important

Getting answer-oriented students to focus on the questions

A spectacular story, “The Paper Menagerie.” And here it is being read by LeVar Burton.

Should we abolish the term paper?

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